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Visitor Registration & Work Order Requests


For your convenience, the Management Office offers the ONE Marina Park Drive website to efficiently communicate with the Management Office. Please use for the following:

  • To Pre-Register a Visitor or Group of Visitors
  • To Make a Service Request

You will receive an email with your account information and a secure password. If you have questions on your username and password, please contact the Property Management Office at (617) 295-0020.


  • Go to
  • Click on the Enter button
  • Enter your username and password (this will be sent to you when your account is set up)

To enter a work order for general maintenance (i.e. burnt out light bulbs, temperature control, employee access cards, plumbing, cleaning, hanging pictures, Cricket requests, etc.), under Service Requests on the left side bar navigation pane, please click “New Request” .

  • Choose from the dropdown fields your Floor, Suite Number, Request Type, Priority Level, and the Date Required.
  • Enter any additional information in the Detail Box.
  • After entering all required information, click Submit.
  • A confirmation that your work order has been received will appear on the next screen.

Your work order request has been successfully submitted and a member of the building management team will respond to the problem or process your request as soon as possible. Please note that any emergency should be followed up with a phone call to the Property Management Office or Security Desk.

In addition to entering work orders, the system also allows you to view all recent requests that have been created by clicking on All Requests, My Requests or Find Request.

To pre-register a visitor or group of visitors, under Visitor Security on the left side bar navigation pane, please click on New Visit:

  • Enter the Group Size, the Visitors Name and then Company Name. Separate visitor name and company name with a comma. Example: John Smith, ABC Company
  • Enter the Date and Time of the visit, the Suite number, Host Name and Floor the visitor will need access to.
  • If you have any special instructions for security please specify them in the Notes section. (i.e. call when visitor arrives, send visitor directly up to tenant space, etc.)

A pre-registration summary page will show up with all the information you just entered. You may print this page out for your own records. Your guest will now be provided access into the building.

The system allows you to search for visitors by clicking on All Visits, My Visits and Find Visits. You may also import visitors or groups of visitors by completing a spreadsheet with the visitor information and uploading the spreadsheet.

All visitors and guests must show a valid photo ID to ONE Marina Park Drive Security before they will be granted access to the building. Please alert your visitors of this policy so that they can arrive prepared. Acceptable forms of ID include:

  • Valid State Driver’s License
  • U.S. Passport
  • Similar Photo Identification (Liquor License, School ID Card, etc)

If the visitor is pre-registered, a temporary badge will be printed for them at the front desk upon their arrival. Upon inspection of a valid ID, security will hand the guest his or her badge and allow the individual access to the appropriate elevator bank.

If the visitor is NOT pre-registered, Security will call the designated company contacts. Only upon receiving verbal approval of the guest will security print a visitor badge and allow the person access to the elevator banks. To expedite this check-in process, it is strongly encouraged that all tenants simply pre- register their guests.

Every Tenant Administrator will have the ability to add, activate and deactivate an employee’s access to the online work order system and visitor registration by selecting My Colleagues, New Colleague, or Invite Colleague from the sub-categories under Administration located on the left side bar navigation pane.

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